Friday, November 8, 2013


The "Doritos Crash the Superbowl VIII Contest"

Daughter, Deborah Glazier, entered with her "DORITOS GOLF" video! It's so clever and funny! Check it out!


Nice CHIP shot!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As a kid, playing in the mud was the best!  
And it followed through to my adult life!

One of my Alma Maters, 
OCC Pottery Studio, Royal Oak, Michigan Campus.  

Good years, good friends and the best professor, Dr. Charlie Blosser.  Through the late 70's and into the 80's my passion for clay was born and nurtured thanks to one of the best instructors/mentors I have ever had the privilege to work under.

Me, posing for pictures for my brochure circa 1980.

While reminiscing last week, I went on line to see if I could find
Dr. Blosser, wondering if he was still teaching at OCC.
I had not been back to Michigan since the early 90's when
I moved to California.

It was a walk down memory lane visiting the Pottery Studio and Lab.

 Pottery Studio where you can throw pots 
till your hearts content!

  Hand building area.

 Kilns and drying racks.

 Pug Mill and stacks of ready clay blocks.
We made our own clay!

Slab Rollers and glaze mixing room.  
I learned to create several of my own glazes.

 This photo is from one of my last days at the studio.
I remember Charlie this way...

And last year at his retirement party, 
this is a photo of Dr. Charlie Blosser
(photo: Shirley's Ware)

Still lookin' good, Charlie!
Thanks so much for my craft and memories!


Sunday, June 16, 2013


Mom and Dad, 1937
Their wedding day.

They were such a handsome couple.
They had 6 children.
I am the oldest and the only girl!
They were great, loving parents.

After mom's passing 7/20/11 (almost 92yrs old, 
we moved Dad into a nursing home... 
(at 92yrs old) he has Dementia.  
He is 94 this Father's Day.  

I called him at 7:30am in CA 
to wish him a Happy Father's Day!
Luckily he could hear me and recognized my voice!  
We had a nice chat...he said he was getting old 
but still hanging in there!

It was so great to hear his voice...
it made my day and his as well!

I love you, dad.

Thursday, May 30, 2013



Deb, Girlie, Nana
at Holona Blowhole

Grandchildren, Nick and Girlie, at Waimae Falls in the Rain Forest.

Such a beautiful place...we photographed hundreds of flowers and
tropical plants that you don't see everywhere.  We walked 45 minutes
up the mountain to the falls, snapping pics all the while!

I had the best birthday EVER!  
(Next to my 60th birthday trip to Paris, France!)  

We celebrated at Roy's downtown Honolulu, 
Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine
The meal was absolutely Fabulous!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


I loved making this card for
 MOM a few years ago.

I carry your heart with me,
(I carry it in my heart).
               ~e. e. cummings               

"I miss you, MOM!"

All that I am or hope to be
I owe to my mother.
                 ~abraham lincoln

"Thank you, mom."

I struggle with my mothers death.  It has been very hard at times to cope with
her loss.  I miss her terribly.  This Mother's Day I wish I could give her a card.  She
is in my heart, she gave me her heart.  I think about calling her until I stop when
reality says she's gone.  We shared so much together, mostly daily events.  I loved
chatting with her and she was always eager to listen, enjoying whatever I shared
with her.  She loved me.  I made this card for her the year before she passed.

Mom and Me and our Model A Ford!
I was 1 year old.

Mom at 18 years old. 
She was as beautiful inside as outside.

 My First Grade picture.

I cherish my memories.  They are precious.  Her heart was huge and loving.  She was
patient and kind.  She loved life.  I will always remember how she delighted in her
children and family and being with them as often as possible.  Such the social butterfly.

I composed a poem to her one Mother's Day and every year I made a very special
card for her, a labor of love.  She saved every card I ever gave her.  They were in her
personal effects when she passed.  Now each card is a prized possession of mine.


Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's been a long year!  After my move to Florida, I had to undergo surgery on my back.  I injured it in the move, a fractured vertebrae and a herniated disc.  It took 3 months to arrange the surgery, then another 3 months to move without pain, almost a year on pain killers and I finally stopped taking the pills.  Then came unpacking!!!  For the past 3 months I have unpacked and tried to reorganize...a lot of work but still exciting to finally get my life in order.

One really nice thing that happened this year was being named "HOME OF THE MONTH"!  I landscaped and painted my house, did a lot of minor repairs and I WON!!!  Thanks to everyone that voted for me!  I love my new home.

Other events of the new year...daughter, Deb, and family moved to Hawaii!  OMG...I'm so excited for them.  I moved 3000 miles closer to the east coast where they lived (son, John, and family also live on the east coast) and they moved 6000 miles in the other direction!  We knew it was probably going to happen when Steve took the new position.  Such an awesome move!  I've already booked my flight to visit them next month and we have 'Face Time' on our iPhones so I get to see the kiddies any day I'd like! The 6 hour time difference is a bit of a problem, trying to connect without it being the middle of the night!

The guest room is empty...ready for visitors!  Come on down...the weather and the water are fine!