Sunday, June 16, 2013


Mom and Dad, 1937
Their wedding day.

They were such a handsome couple.
They had 6 children.
I am the oldest and the only girl!
They were great, loving parents.

After mom's passing 7/20/11 (almost 92yrs old, 
we moved Dad into a nursing home... 
(at 92yrs old) he has Dementia.  
He is 94 this Father's Day.  

I called him at 7:30am in CA 
to wish him a Happy Father's Day!
Luckily he could hear me and recognized my voice!  
We had a nice chat...he said he was getting old 
but still hanging in there!

It was so great to hear his voice...
it made my day and his as well!

I love you, dad.

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