Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As a kid, playing in the mud was the best!  
And it followed through to my adult life!

One of my Alma Maters, 
OCC Pottery Studio, Royal Oak, Michigan Campus.  

Good years, good friends and the best professor, Dr. Charlie Blosser.  Through the late 70's and into the 80's my passion for clay was born and nurtured thanks to one of the best instructors/mentors I have ever had the privilege to work under.

Me, posing for pictures for my brochure circa 1980.

While reminiscing last week, I went on line to see if I could find
Dr. Blosser, wondering if he was still teaching at OCC.
I had not been back to Michigan since the early 90's when
I moved to California.

It was a walk down memory lane visiting the Pottery Studio and Lab.

 Pottery Studio where you can throw pots 
till your hearts content!

  Hand building area.

 Kilns and drying racks.

 Pug Mill and stacks of ready clay blocks.
We made our own clay!

Slab Rollers and glaze mixing room.  
I learned to create several of my own glazes.

 This photo is from one of my last days at the studio.
I remember Charlie this way...

And last year at his retirement party, 
this is a photo of Dr. Charlie Blosser
(photo: Shirley's Ware)

Still lookin' good, Charlie!
Thanks so much for my craft and memories!


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