Monday, August 10, 2009

My Demented Toy "Sun Goddess"

Remember, my friend, Jackie, and I have been trying to take a road trip ever since the beginning of June! We finally hit the road last Friday heading to La Maison's Barn Sale. It's about an hour and 15 minutes, 62 miles to the Barn in Temecula, CA.
Sometimes just going for the ride, browsing the great antiques and crafts, and visiting with the talented artists who run the sale is a days outing. You don't always get that treasure you're looking for and hoping to find. But today, was a GREAT DAY! I found just what I was looking for...doll heads for my demented toy project!

Some great doll heads!

This one in particular caught my eye!

Well, doll heads are like can't buy just one! I had to have all three and came away with my bag of goodies, one happy camper! FB friends have been taking Michael DeMeng's "Demented Toys" class and the pictures taken by Kathy Engen Malkasian are great. I have been so inspired!

I found this body (minus the head!) in a trash can at the swap meet!!! (dumpster diving anyone?! LOL) I have been looking for a doll head for weeks! I added the gold cording and sunburst medallion around the neck with E 6000 found at Michael's Craft Store.

I added the head and an ivory cameo on her forehead to complete my art piece, she's my " Demented Sun Goddess". I just love her!

We're heading out to find some more thrift shops and flea markets very SOON...just think of the goodies we're missing! I'll be working on my other art project, my "Demented Dolly Machine" from the other parts I picked up on our road trip. And Jackie has plans for that wheel chair she found!!! LOL

STAY TUNED for more Demented Toys!
(Screen capture from Robert's iPhone!)

Roadtrip...Demented Toy Parts!!!

On the road again...singing that song!

We've been trying for two months to take a road trip and on Friday we finally made it! My friend, Jackie, loves thrift shops and flea markets and the do I! So on August 7 we hit the road for Temecula, CA. We started at La Maison Rustique Barn Sale. I found doll heads. I'm so excited! Just what I've been trying to find. Jack found a tin tile to use for a journal cover. Great treasures.

After spending about an hour and a half shopping and visiting, and with our tresures in hand, we were off to Escondido. Our next stop was lunch and a quick burger.

Then we headed for the AmVet's Thrift Store. It was huge!!! If this is heaven....then we've arrived! Jack spotted a vintage crinoline, I found a childs doll stuffing toy, we looked at books, gadgets, and toys. Jack found a wheel chair (no not that kind!), a childs toy! I found another doll and some porcelain knobs (great for feet on box projects). We scored!!!

My stuffing machine!

Next stop was another smaller, thrift store and then a little antique junque shop. Winding down the day, we decided it was time to head for home. We had a great time and we'll try again another day for some more treasures. They're out there....just waiting for us!!!
NOTE: Stay tuned to see what we make with our parts!