Saturday, May 11, 2013


I loved making this card for
 MOM a few years ago.

I carry your heart with me,
(I carry it in my heart).
               ~e. e. cummings               

"I miss you, MOM!"

All that I am or hope to be
I owe to my mother.
                 ~abraham lincoln

"Thank you, mom."

I struggle with my mothers death.  It has been very hard at times to cope with
her loss.  I miss her terribly.  This Mother's Day I wish I could give her a card.  She
is in my heart, she gave me her heart.  I think about calling her until I stop when
reality says she's gone.  We shared so much together, mostly daily events.  I loved
chatting with her and she was always eager to listen, enjoying whatever I shared
with her.  She loved me.  I made this card for her the year before she passed.

Mom and Me and our Model A Ford!
I was 1 year old.

Mom at 18 years old. 
She was as beautiful inside as outside.

 My First Grade picture.

I cherish my memories.  They are precious.  Her heart was huge and loving.  She was
patient and kind.  She loved life.  I will always remember how she delighted in her
children and family and being with them as often as possible.  Such the social butterfly.

I composed a poem to her one Mother's Day and every year I made a very special
card for her, a labor of love.  She saved every card I ever gave her.  They were in her
personal effects when she passed.  Now each card is a prized possession of mine.


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