Sunday, November 8, 2009


Halloween is over...Deb, Steve & the kiddies have moved into their newly renovated house...and last night I flew back to California. Today I couldn't wait to get into something creative!!!

I've missed my art toys! It's so nice to be home to visit with all of them!

Another demented toy was the order of the day. It didn't take long for me to start digging in my stash of treasures for just the right items to create her. I grabbed the glue and playtime was on!

The silver goblet is the image of 3 skeletons twisted together. I added one of my precious doll heads and embellished her neck with antique pearl trim. Her wings are made from a used coffee filter! I love her!!!

Goblet Angel
(Click on the image to see it up close and personal!)

I still have another doll to create but not sure if I'll have time before I go back to SC for the holidays. After the new brakes and oil change, visiting mom in the nursing home, some needed winter clothes shopping, unpacking and repacking, doesn't leave much time to play. I'm going to try and squeeze another one in, hopefully!

While I was in SC, Girlie, Nick and I each worked on a journal. We had such a good time and the journals are awesome, filled with lots of memories and artwork.

I just purchased 3 more journals for us to create for the holidays. We'll be journaling about our trip to DisneyWorld for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm sure Santa Claus will take up several pages!!! I'm looking forward to more quality time with the grand kiddies.

I'll be heading back to SC next thursday. We're going to DisneyWorld to celebrate my birthday (we didn't have time to go before now because of the house renovation). Yay, a vacation finally!!!

Life is good.


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