Saturday, November 28, 2009


I piled up my plate and I ate and I ate.

But I wish I had known when to stop.

I'm so crammed with turkey, gravy, and yams

that my buttons are starting to pop!

I'm full of potatoes and French's Green Beans.

My stomach is swollen and sore,

but there's still the pumpkin pie

so I guess it won't hurt

if I eat just a little bit more!

Hope you all had a wonderful day. We missed the ones we couldn't be with this year.

It was a wonderful day in Folly Beach, SC.

Girlie, Nick, Deb and I drove back from Disney and arrived home about 2pm. As we walked in the door, the aroma of the bird...hit us in the face! We had a fabulous Turkey Dinner prepared by the Doctor himself...who knew he could cook, too!

It was so good we all sounded like Bill Murray in "What About Bob".....hmmm hmmm hmmm! Steve outdid himself....a dinner complete with turkey, relishes, chestnut stuffing, orange sweet potatoes, gravy, and brussel sprouts with chestnuts. He prepared it all! We want it to become a tradition!!! After dinner we all went for a walk on the beach....the sunset was beautiful. Such a great day.


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