Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flying High in the Sky!

I'm flying from coast to coast (as I'm posting to my blog, thanks to free WiFi from Delta Air!)

Folly Beach, SC
Sea Oats on the beach are protected by law.
Such a beautiful site!

Nick, Nana and Girlie being silly!

Girlie, Deborah and Nick.

Girlie having fun! She loves the beach
(just like her Nana!)

Nick clowning around!

I've spent the past 2 and a half months in SC with my daughter and her family, renovating a 1946 beach house. What an experience! It was fun and exhausting and now that it's finally finished and they've moved in, I'm on my way home for a short rest!

Deb's family live on the Atlantic Ocean and I live on the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Delta, I have plenty to do on my laptop while en route to San Diego from Charleston. Right now I'm searching for my pictures of the's so beautiful! Posting more when I get home...I think the pics are on my iPhone or still in my camera!...........
Here it is! So beautiful and the view of the ocean is awesome. You can see more pictures on my other blog "Picture This".

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