Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paper Dollies

Today we're playing with paper dolls!

Memories of years gone by.....as a young girl, I would spend hours dressing paper dolls and making up stories for each doll. When I tired of the clothes I had for them, I would design new dresses and accessories. I loved to draw and it was only natural that I would make their clothes with pencil, crayons and paper!

Today, when the girls get together, we'll make paper dolls and clothes for them out of some of the most unusual things!!! We no longer draw, we recycle! Old magazines, bits and pieces of ephemera, ticket stubs, tags, lace, rhinestones, whatever looks like it will make our doll special. My favorite thing to do is to use a picture of myself when I was young and make a doll to dress. Or to use a vintage photo of a child for the doll, then make a costume connected with a holiday.

I'm getting ready to teach the class, preparing a dolly to share with the girls before we begin.

Everyone will have a different idea while perusing the same pile of collected items and O magazines being used for the dolls. I can't wait to see what today will bring....what dolls the girls will create!

Stay tuned for pictures this afternoon............And here they are!!!

I used a copy of a Dolly Dingle Paper Doll (in her slip) for the body.
She is mounted on heavy chip board.

My little Cupcake Dolly

The cupcake used for her dress (found in a food magazine), is adorned with a
marshmallow flower and sprinkles, same as her flower hat! .

Her dress is trimmed with dingle ball fringe and
I gave her shiny, patent leather shoes with a glaze pen!

Everyone was cutting and pasting and busy scurrying around for a piece of this and a piece of that from the stash Jackie had collected. She always has just what you need!!! And is so nice to open up her studio for us to play. Check out her blog at Art Meet Up for more info on the classes which are held once a month...you're all invited to attend!
For my second doll I used a copy of my head from a 1973 photo!!! I wanted to make a retro doll and found this great leopard jacket. But I couldn't find any "hot pants"!!! Seems like I wore them a lot in the 70's!!!
I settled for these long, slim slacks. They make me look good!!!

Ya gotta love the 70's with all the gold chains (added some junk jewelery)!

Jackie's paper doll is the Cat's Meow complete with bird!

Kat's little Flower Girl!

Elena's Hello Dolly!

Maryam's cute little Vintage Angel Doll.

Sally is still running around trying to find fruits & vegetables for her doll!




jackieb said...

OMG you're a genius when it comes to manipulating pictures...they are lovely.

I am glad "someone" got some good pics.

It was so much fun. thanks for all the great help.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Bet. I love them all! You're so creative and fun!

Can hardly wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Teri Daughter of The King said...

I know Elena, I am planning an event with her up here and some scrapbook stores. I love her non-profit such a good idea.

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

that was fun! thanks for playing. My doll is getting more stuff... just wait and see on my blog :)