Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Great Recipe...Fry Bread!

Well, it all started innocently enough with a suggestion from Dale Anne Potter! She was thinking of making some fry bread in her old iron skillet! (It was a SLOW NEWS day!)

Sugar and Cinnamon Dessert Fry Bread

We caught wind of her plan on Facebook! It didn't take long before we were all drooling and dreaming of hot fry bread....slathered with, well you name it!

So many ways to enjoy it! And it is called so many different things by different cultures and nations. I started seaching on google for Fry Bread. Lots of great recipes!

Navajo Taco

"Gran Mere's" French Fry Bread

Are you drooling yet?

To be Continued on another day when Dale Anne has more frozen bread
dough and gets the idea for some Fry Bread!!!!



Binky said...

I could have done without being reminded of fry bread. I'll pbly start obsessing on it.
We used to get it when we went to the reservation.

Bet's Crayons said...

Binky, I've had several, similar comments! A friend said he has a great Navajo Flat Bread recipe he got from a woman who lived with them for awhile and it was handed down from her mother. He's looking for the recipe....I'm obsessing!!!!

jackieb said...

yum I'm drooling looks good. I'm not a cook but I just might try it out.

Dale Anne Potter said...

Who knew that me suggesting Fry Bread would create such a stir.....LOL!

betsters said...

Hey, is it that time of year again? FRY BREAD ANYONE? I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! Let's do it!