Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to You!

It's your birthday! What are you going to do next? I'm going to.......?

Remember that game and TV show called,
"Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"

Well, today we're playing,
"Where in the World is Bet San Diego?"

Follow the Yellow Brick Road,
Remember the story about the Toad?
Can't tell you anymore right now,
You'll have to wait and see just how.
The day of events will unfold,
And then my story will be told!

I'm off on my wild adventure!

I started my day with the girls, crafting, laughing, singing, and having a great birthday party! Thanks to Jackie, who made it special by making my party hat, favors and a collaged birthday present that is awesome! So creative and clever....I love it! Then I set off to my favorite place on earth......

What could be more special than spending my birthday, compliments of Mickey Mouse, at Disneyland!! Along with hundreds of other people who were all celebrating their birthday on May 12th! So much FUN! I always go with family to celebrate, but this year they were all out of town so I decided to party with Mickey, all the while reminiscing about years past with my family. I had an awesome day and didn't feel alone, everyone I saw wished me a "Happy Birthday" (I was wearing my birthday badge!)....it was definitely the ending to a perfect day.

(Click on any picture to see it up close and personal)

Soooooo many people sent wishes and gifts, my mailbox was overflowing! Both at home and email, and on Facebook! I just love you all....thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my day so special. It was a milestone for me! "55 FOREVER!!!!
Hugs and Kisses

What actually happened on May 12th?


I took some time in the morning to smell the flowers!
It was beautiful weather, sunny and warm.

Definitely time for a celebration!

I was all dressed and excited to go.

They sent the Horseless Carriage for me and I enjoyed the ride.

After leaving the Mansion, we headed straight for the Yacht.

We cruised around the Island and docked in Pirates Cove.

They wanted to share their treasure with us!

The boys were all riled up and looking for the Keys.

A day in the Bayou lead us to the horses....

ready and waiting to take us off to the Castle.

Always the gentleman, Mickey served up the day in true Disney fashion.

We had dinner on the Terrace and then a lovely stroll

watching the flickering lights.

It was time to call it a day, we said our goodbyes

and promised to meet again next year on May 12th!




theartinyou said...

WEllllllll..............tell/show me what you did!!!!

Bet's Crayons said...

I went to Disneyland!!!
I spent my birthday with hundreds of other people who were all born on May 12th!!!!!
How fun!!! It was a first for me, I always go with family. This year, everyone was out of town, so I decided I'd take Mickey up on his offer to spend the day with him. He sent me a ticket!
Thanks, Mickey! xoxox