Sunday, January 10, 2010


For 2009 my favorite movies, besides 'PUBLIC ENEMIES' with Johnny Depp, were 'THIS IS IT' and 'AVATAR'.

The beginning of December Michael Jackson's 'THIS IS IT' was released. My SC family; Nick, Girlie, Deb and I (Steve had to work) went to see it. It was truly awesome. We all love his music and it's hard to believe and so sad he is gone. He was truly a genius. We really enjoyed the music and the was very well done.

Girlie and Nick are wearing the lanyards with our passes to get into the theatre. They were so thrilled to have the keepsake to add to their journals that we made this month.

Then at the end of December, my MD family; John, Katie, Chris, Brad & Ali, Mimi & Jaimie, and I went to see AVATAR on the iMax screen in 3D. What a great movie with such fabulous special effects. I wasn't sure I wanted to see it, not being much of a Sci-Fi buff, but was so glad I went. It was a really great and the fastest 3 hours I've ever spent watching a movie!

Every year it's tradition to have a Christmas movie. With two different families on the east coast, I now get to see two special Christmas movies!

Here we are lounging around waiting for the movie to start.
We arrived an hour early and had our pick of the best seats in the house!
We took up the entire row! Nana, Katie, John...

...Chris, Brad, Ali, Mimi and Jaimie.

Nana and Katie were waiting for popcorn!

It was so nice being with all of my grandchildren this holiday season. We all had a great time and we're already talking about next Christmas!


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