Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was involved in three different paper doll swaps
last year.

One for Valentine's Day, one was called Springtime and
the other was the Halloween holiday.
They were so much fun! Part of the Valentine's Day Paper Doll Swap
collection adorn my desk in the pictures above.
The photos below are of the dolls I made for the various swaps.

My "Polka Dot Girl Paper Doll", from the Valentine's Day
Swap. Cute little vintage girl dressed in polka dots with tiny,
real buttons, lace collar, heart pin and a ribbon in her hair.

"Flower Girl Paper Doll" is from the Springtime Doll Swap.
She was taken from 4 different photos; the head, the birds nest,
the body was scanned fabric, and the legs were from a magazine
picture. The little butterflies on her shoes were hand made
from paper. Tammie Moore, the artist hosting the swap,
can be found on My Art Soul Wings Blog , along with
the photos from all three swaps.*

My flower girl doll won first place as her favorite
doll of the swap and I was awarded a packet of ephemera
and some of Tammie's handmade dolls. Thanks again, Tammie.
It was such a great swap and I was flattered to win your favor!

"The Twins Halloween Paper Dolls", from the Halloween Doll Swap.
I used vintage prints of a fisher woman and colored the twins,
the color of most witches, green! I made a necklace and attached a
vintage spider on one of them and lots of bats on the other, adding
handmade glittered pumpkins for Trick or Treating!

My Little Boy Clown Halloween Paper Doll has a glow-in-the-dark
pumpkin! This is a vintage little boy with a ruffled paper collar,
his hat was folded like the old boat hats we used to make as kids,
and dingle balls adorn his costume.

I'm looking forward to the next paper doll swap. Remember when you were a kid and your favorite things were playing with crayons, paste and scissors? Making paper dolls takes you back to that time......what a great way to spend the day having fun!

.*Postscript: The dates for the swaps on Tammie's blog are: Feb 12/08, June 2/08, and Oct 5/07.

Oh, I checked out your blog! Love your work! Oh, and you are in San Diego....lucky you! Have been there once, was very cold, but we came over to see the whales come through on their way to Baja.It is a beautiful place!

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Scrappy Jessi said...

eeekkk cute dolls!!!
i adore paper dolls.

jeri said...

I adore your paper dolls - the polka dot girlie girl is my fave. I used her in a book I made a couple of years ago and named her Sophie LePard! I like your art.

Bet's Crayons said...

Thanks so much, Jeri, for the nice compliment on my art.
I would love to see the book you made with the girlie doll! Is it posted on you blog?

sue pieper said...

Love the paper dolls!


We are never too old to play with paper dolls, are we? They are just too fun!

Happy creating,

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi bet!

thank you for saying hello today! it is so nice to meet you!
i love your art!
:) melissa

ginny said...

I just read all three of your blogs and loved them all especially the photos. Keep writing, Bet. It is all good.

Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

Your paper dolls are adorable!!! Great work!!

Constance said...

Oh! How I love paper dolls! I spent hours playing with them as a child! I really like your blog and all the art you do! So nice to "meet" you!

Gypsy said...

These are so cute- but I have to admit that beaded dolls have my heart, no matter how long they take!!

Gypsy said...

You sound like such a nice person, and I would love to have you as a friend on FB- I am Aryd'ell Hotelling there...and you could see my beaded dolls in the albums there!