Thursday, March 12, 2009

Encaustic on Canvas

The world of Encaustic Art is exciting to me! The layers of paint, fiber, paper, metal and wax, meld into a wonderful creative expression on canvas. These two canvasses were entered in a show 2 years ago and won honorable mention. I haven't entered anything since that time, but after visiting the
website of a friend from Versailles, I have new found inspiration! Thanks, Gretchen.

Encaustic art is the most fun I've ever had of all the mixed media art I create. I really need to start a gallery on line of my soon as I find an eighth day in the week! I will one day, soon!

Trying to keep up with 3 blogs, Facebook and email doesn't leave much time! I'm taking Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign classes as well! It seems like you can never do it all. But I keep trying!


miz katie said...

ooh, i have never tried encaustic before, but would love to try. i assume it's like using beeswax, which i seal all my painting with..only you paint with it instead. maybe some day, i'll have to try.

Kim Logan said...

Hi Bet, these are both gorgeous, i love encaustic stuff.I sympathise with you taking the 3 Adobe applications I am a graphic designer by profession and each application is very complex...good luck with them..just keep practicing..!!

Jaime Lyerly said...

I love encaustic paintings and yours are beautiful! If you have a chance, come check out my blog which has lots of encaustic info on it.