Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter at Snowbird...

The snow is snowing, the wind is blowing, but they can weather the storm....what a great view from the window at the condo in Utah.

Mommy's snowboard is ready to go!

Time to get out on the slopes.

All except Girlie....she has her goggles, has anyone seen her ski suit?

Nick's ready to go through the mountain to the other side, it's easier than waiting for the tram. You take the high speed quad up and then stand on the magic moving carpet to the other side. It's Nick's first time!

Top of the mountain! Nick got to ride some awesome black diamond runs today. He's doing sooooo well, and he's only 6 yrs old!

Meanwhile, back in the Kiddie Care Center, Girlie is riding her indoor snowmobile because it's snowing too hard and the wind is so strong, she can't go outside!

Time for a snow angel or two!
And it just keeps snowing.
The Glazier family is at Snowbird.

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