Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grandchildren...Set Number Two!

This is Nick...(Nicholas Steven Glazier) who is 6 years old. He's my buddy! "Oh, this is a face-a only a mama could-a love-a !!!", quoting his mama (my daughter, Deborah)!
He is so funny and so smart. We love doing crafts together, ever since he was about 3. Nick is a very good artist and very inventive. He loves to work with his Nana on any kind of an art project. Also, we have fun at Disneyland, riding our bikes, and playing in the sand with all the trucks and cars.

This is "Girlie"... (Elise Marie Glazier) who is 16 months old and loves Disneyland! We are waiting to ride Dumbo. She is such a love, always smiling and happy. She prances when she walks!
We play "dress-up" and she can often be found walking around with a purse on her arm or different hats and jewelry...
such a Girly Girl!
I just can't get enough of her! She loves her Nana.

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Bets said...

Hope you enjoy the music! Still's getting easier!