Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My photography

Yes, it is definitely my passion.

My favorite pastime and every-waking-moment-fun-thing to do!  When my children were little I used my Brownie Hawkeye camera to capture funny moments like my son sleeping at the table while eating his peas!

Those good-old-days snapshots in black and white were all we had way back then!  But I'm thrilled to have preserved so many memories because I was such a camera nut!   My family made fun of me, always ready to take a picture of something, even food!!!  But everyone loves to look back at all of those old photos, enjoying every captured moment.

Over the years our cameras with black and white film gave way to Kodak color film.  Still taking great  pictures for our photo albums we forged on.  Unfortunately, we never knew what kind of pictures we would eventually end up with as we couldn't review the shot ahead of time and retake a bad shot.  We had to wait for the film to be developed and pray the pictures would all turn out.  Even my 35 mm camera couldn't always predict a good outcome.

Then came digital cameras and my first point and click was awesome.  No more film to deal with, and the screen let us review what we had taken.  Imagine that!  Then came my Minolta camera, my Pentax, and many more great little toys including my iPhone 4!  It takes great pictures and I use it often.  You never know when you'll need a camera !

In December of last year I purchased my latest camera, a Canon Rebel T1i /EOS 500D and I love it!  Especially my 250mm telephoto lens.  I'm hoping to get a 300mm telephoto and a Macro lens soon.

I enjoy capturing the beauty of nature as well as just plain everyday life.  I look forward to a day of photography and get lost in hours of enjoyment.

My Camera Bag!


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