Monday, February 1, 2010

Hitting the Slopes at SNOWBIRD

  Vacation started today for the Glazier family at Snowbird in Utah!  My daughter, Deb, son-in-law, Steve, and grandchildren, Nick and Girlie are spending the week on the slopes playing in the snow, snowboarding and skiing.

Girlie just got her new skiis and is ready to head out for her class.

This is her first day learning to ski and she is so excited.  She is the only one in her age group so she will be having a private lesson!   After some instruction, she headed down the hill with assistance from her instructor.
She kept telling the instructor to let go!  "I can do it myself", she said!  Sounds just like her.

And she did! She is amazing.  She looks so small to be skiing!  She keeps telling everyone that she's 3 years old.  (Her birthday is in 25 days!) 

Nick was moving so fast down the slopes, Deb couldn't get any pictures!!!  I'm sure we'll have some tomorrow.
They had a good nights sleep and a great breakfast of bananas,

whipped cream and "frinkles".  Ready for another good day! 

Girlie took time to wax up her skiis.

After skiing the Black Diamond run Steve takes a rest!  

Deb decided to join him!

 Nick's ready to go again!


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