Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Robert

It's long overdue, My poem to you...And this is a perfect day, your birthday, for this special gift!

As I sit here writing,

All the things I want to say,
It's very late at night,
But it can't wait another day.

The day you were born,

Arrived the best gift to me,
A sweet, little baby boy,
1964, October twenty-three.

As a boy, trying all sports,
And any dangerous activity,
Always the great daredevil,
A movie stuntman wannabe!

But as the young man, with
Talents too numerous to mention,
It's your artwork and graphics,
That bring so much attention.

And through all the years,
You have made me so proud,
With your honesty and feelings,
Always real, and spoken aloud.

Through life's ups and downs,
You always rise to the top,
My son, you are certainly,
The cream of the crop.

Happy Birthday today, now,
It's no longer overdue,
And I hope you enjoy,
My heartfelt poem to you!

Hugs and Kisses,


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