Wednesday, August 20, 2008

P.J. Party at Silly Sally's!

.Does everyone have a crazy friend that entertains them while doing tedious chores?

One of the preparations for the P. J. Party at Sally's house on Monday was to make laser copies at Kinko's of any picture of ourselves. It took us over an hour of measuring, and re-measuring, and cutting and enlarging our pics so we would have 4 equal size sections of our photo to fit a 16x20 inch canvas. We were to paint self portraits of ourselves over the course of two days at the party.

While waiting for each other to make our copies, my silly friend, Sally, entertained me by holding up a book she found on a rack in the store!
I laughed so hard, the soda I was drinking came out my nose!!!

Visit Sally's blog, Silly Sally Says, to view photos from the two day event. What a great party! The 5 of us... Sally, Bet, Georgia, Debi and Kathie... had so much fun.

This is my self portrait. I actually came home with a finished project that I liked! It was quite a challenge, but after a few Margarita's, it got easier! Everyone did something a little different, crazy, wild, wacky, truly works of art!
Thanks again, Sally, for such a great party. Great memories. You sure do make a wicked breakfast crepe! Yum-my. We played a lot, laughed a lot and ate a lot! All the food was delicious... Can't wait to do it again!

A good time was had by all...and to all a good night!


Just call me Silly Sal said...

We did have fun didn't we. Your portrait is so good. I need to give you mine for you to do. The picture with the acutal crown on my head from my 60th.

San Diego said...

Loved the party and YES we did have fun...such a great group of friends! Also, its a really good do the 60th pic and I'll do my black/white sunglass pic. We need to do just one more...(for practice!)

Bet's Crayons said...

Anne Garcia at 2:52pm February 27:

These are great! Was it a class? I'm super impressed.